I anxiously wait each year for the WNIN Action Auction to come around.  For two weekends a year, my family patiently tolerates my addiction to deals while I sit glued to the TV, frantically calling in my bids to try to grab a bargain.  (Of course, it's the least my husband can do considering the 160-some-odd baseball games I sit through each season.)

You really should check it out.  It's easy, fun, and addictive.   There are some super buys.  Some of the favorites are:  Season passes to Holiday World starting at $28, and two day passes for only $15, tons of gift certificates starting at 80% off, Cardinal tickets, $12K Chinese Rugs.  You could even bid to be a Meteorologist, Deputy Sheriff, or Ghosthunter for a day.  There are literally thousands of items.  Some you have all auction to bid, some just that night, and some only 2 minutes!

It runs from now until the 9th, and again April 12th - 16th from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.  I would think your donation/bid is tax deductible.  (Double woo hoo!)  You can check out the goods anytime or stream it live at WNINActionAuction.org.  Good luck! 

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