Ok, I'll just say it:  I HATE Toys R' Us.  I won't get into the reasons right now, but it suffices to say it takes a pretty good deal to get me to make myself enter their store.  Toys R' Us is smart enough to have the best deals valid in-store only.  Grrrr.....

TODAY only they have over 20 sets of LEGO for 50% off.  Not just the tiny ones, or the ones no one wants, but the big sets too!  I was able to pick up a $120 set for only $60, as well as a number of others.  

However, the ad came out online only this morning.  The store opened at 9:00 a.m.  I was there at 9:30, and the shelves were nearly bare of the sale LEGO sets.  There still are some great ones available.  If you are interested get there ASAP.  By late this afternoon it will be too late.  

Select Blu-ray DVDs on sale 3 for $14.99 at Best Buy.  Quite a few titles to choose from, with prices up to $24.98!  Good titles too, not crap movies no one wanted 15 years ago.

People often ask me where to get rid of the clothes their kids outgrow.  

Yes, you can sell them on eBay, but it takes FOREVER to list each item, and wait for it to sell...if it even does sell.  

You could take them to a consignment store. In my experience, if they even accept your items, they rarely sell at a decent price.  Plus the clothing has to be cleaned, and ironed, and on hangers.  Honestly, I never ironed my kid's clothes while they still fit, so I really don't want to iron them just to get rid of them!

The BEST option I have found, BY FAR is ThredUp.com.  It is easy, easy, easy.  This is what you do:
  1. Go to ThredUp.com and order a FREE bag, which will arrive at your door in about a week.  I know you won't believe it until you try stuffing the bag yourself, but it really is huge.  You can get a nice size laundry basket full of clothes in one bag.
  2. Stuff the bag.
  3. Sit the bag out for the mail carrier to pick up or drop it off at the post office.  Oh yeah, shipping to ThredUp.com is FREE too!
  4. They will notify you via email when they get your bag.  About 4-5 days later they will let you know how much they think your stuff is worth.  They just cash out!

No pictures to take.  No ironing to do.  No snooty consignment store owner turning up  his or her nose at your pre-loved clothing.  Just stuff and cash in.  I'm on my fourth bag, and have yet to be disappointed.  Of course, the amounts they pay per bag vary, but generally you can expect between $30 and $70.  

Oh, and they will give you $10 bucks FREE to spend on new (to you) clothes sent in by people like you.  

Aldi's new ad came in the paper today, and as always, they have some great deals on fresh produce and gadgets.  Some of the highlights:
    99 cent whole Pineapple
    25 cent pears
    2.49 for 24 pack bottled water
    34.99 Juice Extractor

Purchase a $25 gift certificate to Harbor Bay Seafood and get a FREE movie pass to Showplace Cinemas.  That is a $9.25 value!  Great deal for dinner and a movie!
Money is everyw here.  People throw it away everyday..  Don't believe me?  Last time you went to the grocery, what did you do with your receipt?  Throw it away, right?  Some local groceries, like Buehler's, has advertisements and coupons printed on the reverse side of your grocery receipt.  My latest grocery receipt has coupons for $4 off $20 at Tequilas, $2 off a car wash, $1 "Spud Buck", discounts for haircuts, 15% at Kid's Consignment, and discounts at Fazoli's.  Next time, flip it over. 
This is a serious deal.  You can't get much cheaper than this (unless it is free!).  TONIGHT ONLY Discountmags.com is offering 2 yrs of Everyday with Rachel Ray magazine for only $6, 3 yrs for $8 and 4 yrs for $10!  Enter BRADSDEALS in promo code box at checkout.  For an additional 16% off, go to BigCrumbs.com , CouponCactus.com, or Extrabux.com, then search for Discountmags.com, then Rachel Ray.  Happy Saving!  (Don't worry Mom, I snagged you one of these deals!)
I don't know if you have ever had the opportunity to eat at Salad World, but it is fantastic.  I get so tired of the standard drive-thru fare.  It is so nice to have the option of something healthy, different, and delicious.  Great place to meet for lunch, and the people that run it are super.  They have a lot more on the menu than just salad, and are happy to customize to fit your taste buds.  Try one of their huge wraps!  I think they are even opening a new location shortly.

Pick up a $10 gift certificate for only $5 from Seize the Deal, You have to hurry, because it ends TONIGHT.

Today only Dollar General is offering $5 off a $25 purchase in-store or online.  For online purchases, enter code DG5OFF25 at checkout.  Dollar General also has web only exclusives (which you can save an extra $5 on too, and coupons for popular household items that you just "virtually clip" and the discount is taken off of your total.

If you'd rather shop in-store, (I would, check out 75% - 90% off summer clearance)
here is the link for the printable coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase at Dollar General. 
Ok, maybe not the biggest money saving opportunity, but is there really a price too high to pay for fried olives?  I think not.  The Evansville Courier and Press did have a page of coupons for various food booths on the back of their map insert.  You can print out those coupons, as well as the Munchie Map, at the Courier Press homepage.  Oh, and bring me back something deep fried and sugar-filled.