People often ask me where to get rid of the clothes their kids outgrow.  

Yes, you can sell them on eBay, but it takes FOREVER to list each item, and wait for it to sell...if it even does sell.  

You could take them to a consignment store. In my experience, if they even accept your items, they rarely sell at a decent price.  Plus the clothing has to be cleaned, and ironed, and on hangers.  Honestly, I never ironed my kid's clothes while they still fit, so I really don't want to iron them just to get rid of them!

The BEST option I have found, BY FAR is ThredUp.com.  It is easy, easy, easy.  This is what you do:
  1. Go to ThredUp.com and order a FREE bag, which will arrive at your door in about a week.  I know you won't believe it until you try stuffing the bag yourself, but it really is huge.  You can get a nice size laundry basket full of clothes in one bag.
  2. Stuff the bag.
  3. Sit the bag out for the mail carrier to pick up or drop it off at the post office.  Oh yeah, shipping to ThredUp.com is FREE too!
  4. They will notify you via email when they get your bag.  About 4-5 days later they will let you know how much they think your stuff is worth.  They just cash out!

No pictures to take.  No ironing to do.  No snooty consignment store owner turning up  his or her nose at your pre-loved clothing.  Just stuff and cash in.  I'm on my fourth bag, and have yet to be disappointed.  Of course, the amounts they pay per bag vary, but generally you can expect between $30 and $70.  

Oh, and they will give you $10 bucks FREE to spend on new (to you) clothes sent in by people like you.  

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