Today only at The Body Shop, you can get Buy 2 and get 2 FREE, or Buy 3 get 3 FREE with FREE shipping!  Free shipping on ANY purchase, folks.  That's the way I like it!

Wish I was smart and picked up one of the 50% off gift certificates on Groupon for The Body Shop last week.  That would have made this an ever sweeter score.

10% cash back from Ebates.com, BigCrumbs.com, and Be Frugal.com for The Body Shop.  (By the way, if you haven't signed up to get cash back on your normal shopping purchases through Ebates.com yet, they are offering a free $10 Gift Card Bonus for the holidays!)

Magazines.com is by far the best place to buy magazines.  If you sign up to receive their emails, they will often send you $5 GIFT CARDS (not coupons) that can be used in addition to the $5 coupons the generally offer.  If you haven't signed up yet, email me and I can send you a $5 gift card to use today. 

Today only, Ebates.com (one of my top three favorite cash back sites) is offering 51% cash back on magazines.  If you use the coupon "DADSDAY" at checkout for $5 off over 200 select magazines, plus the $5 gift card emailed to you, you can get certain magazines for free!  Others, like Popular Science or Woman's Day that are on sale for $9.97 or less with coupon, minus your gift card, minus your cash back, will end up costing only $2.49 for a year or less!  

Follow the directions here for the best deals on magazines: 
*First, go to Ebates.com.
*Second, click on Magazines.com on link on right or type in the search box at the top. 
*Be sure to enter your coupon "DADSDAY" and hit APPLY at checkout. 
*Be sure to enter any gift cards. 
*Voila!  You are a smart shopper!

I forgot, after you finish placing your order, they will offer you a full year of Rolling Stone for $1.  You can sell it for