is by far the best place to buy magazines.  If you sign up to receive their emails, they will often send you $5 GIFT CARDS (not coupons) that can be used in addition to the $5 coupons the generally offer.  If you haven't signed up yet, email me and I can send you a $5 gift card to use today. 

Today only, (one of my top three favorite cash back sites) is offering 51% cash back on magazines.  If you use the coupon "DADSDAY" at checkout for $5 off over 200 select magazines, plus the $5 gift card emailed to you, you can get certain magazines for free!  Others, like Popular Science or Woman's Day that are on sale for $9.97 or less with coupon, minus your gift card, minus your cash back, will end up costing only $2.49 for a year or less!  

Follow the directions here for the best deals on magazines: 
*First, go to
*Second, click on on link on right or type in the search box at the top. 
*Be sure to enter your coupon "DADSDAY" and hit APPLY at checkout. 
*Be sure to enter any gift cards. 
*Voila!  You are a smart shopper!

I forgot, after you finish placing your order, they will offer you a full year of Rolling Stone for $1.  You can sell it for
CVS is a super great deal.  Tomorrow only, you can pick up a 12-pack of cans of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi for only .99 cents!  How great is that?  Just scan your CVS card at the coupon kiosk for a printable coupon.  Only one per
Some cities have double, or even triple coupons all the time.  Not in Evansville.  When the offer does come along, I like to jump on it!  This week (June 6 to June 12), Buehler's stores are offering to double coupons up to .50 cents.  If your coupon is for .50, they will make it worth $1.00.  If it is worth .75 cents, they will make it worth $1.25.  (They double the first fifty cents only, then apply the remainder.)

It really is a great time to stock up on essentials.  For example, Cheerios are on sale for $2.00 a box.  Use a .60 cent coupon, they double it to $1.10, and the box only costs you .90 cents.  Not bad.  I haven't had a chance to see if there are any amazing buys, but if I find them,