There are numerous "members-only" sites for designer clothing at discount prices.  (Of course, to become a member all you have to do is sign up.  Not quite as exclusive as they make it seem!)  I've watched and purchased from many of them, but my favorite by far is  They consistently have the most stylish merchandise at the best prices.

Once every two months or so, they have a "Red Sale".  It only lasts for one day, and there is a very limited quantity.  However, the deals are AMAZING.   Check out a few of the thousand or so deals with pictures on my "National Deals" page.  Remember, they have these deals going on right now, today only
I anxiously wait each year for the WNIN Action Auction to come around.  For two weekends a year, my family patiently tolerates my addiction to deals while I sit glued to the TV, frantically calling in my bids to try to grab a bargain.  (Of course, it's the least my husband can do considering the 160-some-odd baseball games I sit through each season.)

You really should check it out.  It's easy, fun, and addictive.   There are some super buys.  Some of the favorites are:  Season passes to Holiday World starting at $28, and two day passes for only $15, tons of gift certificates starting at 80% off, Cardinal tickets, $12K Chinese Rugs.  You could even bid to be a Meteorologist, Deputy Sheriff, or Ghosthunter for a day.  There are literally thousands of items.  Some you have all auction to bid, some just that night, and some only 2 minutes!

It runs from now until the 9th, and again April 12th - 16th from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.  I would think your donation/bid is tax deductible.  (Double woo hoo!)  You can check out the goods anytime or stream it live at  Good luck!